Borden Bottom Eject Action Features


Bottom eject compatible actions are currently the BRM, BRMXD, BRL and BRLXD family of actions.  These actions have the length and the structural stability to handle the cut out in the bottom of the action.  The BRM actions will eject the PPC or BR families of cases and the BRL actions will eject up to the .284 Winchester cases.

Borden eject actions are convenient when shooting off of a bench or any controlled shooting condition where you would like to shoot quickly and be able to protect your brass during ejection.  Just place a small jar or bag under your stock and every time a piece of brass is dropped it is safely contained.  No more damaged brass rolling around on the floor costing you time and money.

BRM and BRL actions are also available in Multi-Flat configurations.  For more information on Multi-Flat actions please visit their page HERE.

Ejects Popular BR Calibers

The new Borden Bottom Eject BRM and BRMXD actions, at first release, will eject the BR, Dasher, and other BR Improved cases.  PPC bottom eject actions do require a PPC dedicated bolt due to the specifics of bottom eject actions.

Different Style of Extractor

The .308 Bolt Face for the “BE” actions feature a newly developed extractor from Borden Accuracy.  This extractor is made in-house and features an internal hook design.

Precision Shooters Dream

The “BE” actions are perfect for anyone that highly prizes their brass.  These actions will allow very rapid manipulation of the bolt without throwing brass all over your shooting area.  Place a small bag or box under your stock and never worry about lost or damaged brass again.

Bottom Eject Actions Are IN-STOCK !!

Please call us to see if we have a bottom eject BRM or BRMXD that will fit your shooting application.

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