Reloading Videos by request:

Clients and shooters who would like information about a particular chambering or reloading procedure will find them here.  Reloading videos are done on a request basis after an email or phone conversation.  Current videos are of:

  • 22 BR from 6mm BR Lapua Brass to a No Turn neck
  • 6mm Ackley Improved from 7x57 Norma Brass (Coming Soon)
  • … more to come

We ware willing to show people how to do even the most complicated things when it comes to brass formation and custom wildcat cartridge prep.  Please feel free to email us a cartridge you would like us to feature and we will do our best to get it out to the website as quickly as possible.

We will also be providing Borden Action reviews, stock reviews using high speed cameras. as well as some bullet performance reviews on live game.  In depth discussion about terminal velocity in regard to bullet speed, twist rate, and bullet construction will all be on the table. A few non-reloading topics that we have coming for summer 2017 are:

  • 20 Vartarg Review
  • 20 BR and 20 Dasher Review
  • 6mm BR-AI vs 6 Dasher Review
  • 6mm AI vs 243 AI vs 6 Creedmoor Review
  • 22 BR vs 22-250 Review

If anyone would like to see other calibers added to the lists above, please feel free to email us and let us know.

Fred was having issues getting his 22 BR brass to form without crushing his shoulder.  After a few minutes on the phone we discovered he had his die way to far down.  Quick video showing neck sizing to the neck shoulder junction.