Shipping and Refunds Policy

Shipping and Refunds Policy:

Taylor Accuracy guarantees all products to be in good working order before shipment.  The products sold on are all unmodified functioning firearm parts and all liability for these products fall to their original manufacturer.  Firearm receivers and bolts should be inspected by the buyer before filing out the ATF registration form 4473.

If a firearm receiver or bolt is found to be damaged, scratched, or other wise not acceptable, the item may be returned to Taylor Accuracy immediately for replacement.  If a replacement is not available the cost of the receiver will be refunded.  If the purchaser has filled out ATF form 4473 and registered the receiver returns are NOT PERMITTED. Any issues found with a receiver after registration must be taken up with the original manufacturer or an authorized repair gunsmith.  Taylor Accuracy may assist in any repair but solely on a scheduling and informational level.

Borden receivers are manufactured by Borden Rifles.  Borden Rifles contact information:

Borden Rifles
1325 Sheldon Hill Rd
Springville, PA 18844

BAT Machine Receivers are manufactured by BAT Machine.  BAT Machine contact information:

BAT Machine
11550 N. Bruss Rd
Rathdrum, ID 83858

Rifle barrels are also unmodified by Taylor Accuracy.  The barrels are stamped from the manufacturer with all details of the barrel on the breach end of the barrel.  Taylor Accuracy does check these stamping marks for accuracy and will alter the client if any miss-stamped barrels exist within the Taylor Accuracy inventory.  Any miss-stamped barrels will be documented in their individual sales pages.  Returns for rifle barrels are 14 days from date of purchase and liable to a 15% restocking fee.  Taylor Accuracy will not accept threaded or chambered barrels.